Non bias. Non contact. Non external signal. As for our method, the fault analysis can be carried out by a simple process of watching the semiconductor chip put on a preparation with a light microscope. The power supply, signal and electric wiring to be connected are not necessary.


 The figure indicates a physical phenomenon by laser irradiation.Signal from the material is largely categorized as reflection and absorption. We focused on photo excitation and thermal excitation which diffuse in the material.

 弊社は材料付近に存在する準静電界(QEF:Qasi Electostatic Field)を利用します

 This chart, QEF is where charged carriers change periodically.Such changing carriers are detected by using SENSOR.Therefore, the charge amount Q for object follows the unchanged rule.Quasi-electrostatic field is distributed in the vicinity of the object and can be detected anywhere if it is located near.

センサのサンプルを提供しています。一般サンプル価格: 80,000円 アカデミック価格:25,000円(税別)使用に際しては、接続ケーブルと専用アンプが必要です。詳しくは、別途お問い合わせください。

 The fundamental principle utilizes an electrostatic induction to a gate of FET. The change of gate voltage will be detected by conversion of a larger change of Drain current.The detection electrode is directly connected with gate of FET. The FET is high mobility depression type and input gate is zero-volt biased.Noise from outside have to be suppressed as much as possible, therefore sample and SENSOR is covered by shield.


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